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About Us

JO Digital is managed by Jasmin and Ortal. Jasmin comes with extensive experience in content and copywriting, social media marketing, and customer service and relationship. Ortal brings design expertise with extensive experience in managing, website develop & design, SEO and management customer clubs.
With rich experience of over 8 years in the field and great emphasis on professionalism and personal service, JO Digital will promote your business to astonishing results.

The success of each of our clients is our own personal success.
We have a common goal.
Through transparency and collaboration, we manage the digital marketing of your business to strengthen its brand, gain optimal exposure, and grow its revenue significantly!


A personal meeting at customer’s convenient (virtual or face-to-face). During the meeting we review the business needs, define its goals and objectives, and together we determine the suitable strategy, appropriate budget and kick off the journey

2. Infrastructure Preparation

Implementing the strategy into action plan, identifying partners and expanding the potential target audience.


With our field-proven methodology, we provide a customized monthly report, consolidating our measurements to present performance with conclusions, innovative ideas, and plans for the following month, to continuously increase exposure, awareness and revenue

All our services are provided with close supervision and personal attention, each customer receives full attention and uncompromising professionalism.

"We're closing almost a year together and I want to take advantage and say thank you.
Diligence on constantly how to promote me and my brand.
Your my right hand in every step. Not obvious at all.
Wishing us many more years together. "

Loni Tevel


"Jasmin and Ortal are very professional.
They built our website in a short time at a high level and all at a very fair and attractive price.
The work with them was smooth, we got what we asked
for and we felt we were in good hands :)"

Sivan Erez Eli Stein


"Jasmin and Ortal are very professional.
They built our website in a short time at a high level and all at a very fair and attractive price.
The work with them was smooth, we got what we asked for and we felt we were in good hands :)"

Alexandra Rohrsh


"Thank you so much, Jasmine, for the great job!
The content you created earned a lot of likes and comments and each task was perfectly handled as "fire and forget" by me.
It's enjoyable to know that each task was performed at its best."


Medical Marketing

"Jasmin, you're  a champion!
I reached out to you following a recommendation I have received, and it was invaluable. Your writing is so professional  and accurate.
You know how to use the wording in a very interesting and simplify way.
I have always looked for one who can express my thoughts clearly and you have managed to do it successfully
I recommend you with great love !!!”

Radmilla Pozielob

Center for Numerology and Personal Development

"With the target of setting up marketing on social networks, I hired the services of JO Digital.
Through working closely with them, I have broadened my perspective and opened up a whole new world of possibilities for advancing my brand to the next level.
The availability, sensitivity, and attention to cater my brand’s needs within the given budget, proved to be The X factor for working with JO Digital.
I wholeheartedly recommend JO Digital to anyone who wishes to take their business to the next level "

Yotam Shefi


Our Services

Web Develop & Design

If you’re looking to build your eCommerce or a business website, you have reached the right place.
Nowadays every business must have a digital presence capturing the business’ brand with its style and language.

At JO Digital we offer website development that is custom made to fit any business type of any size for various industries such as Commercial, Educational, Private & Public business, Community, Nonprofit Organization etc.
All websites are based on contemporary and advanced design, responsiveness, focused on UX/UI experience and ready for Google search.

Website Maintenance & Managment

Once your website has been launched it should be maintained to keep it operating effectively at optimal level.

At JO Digital we offer our customers to focus on their core business activities while we handle their ecommerce or business website. Activities include: continuous update of information and content, new products, promotions, technical support, analysis of user‘s behavior, marketing strategies and much more.


There is no business that does not wish to be found on the first page of the website’s ranked by Google search engine.

Such a high placement requires boosting keywords, incorporating metatags, backlinking, writing high-quality content, all of which and more we provide to drive valuable traffic and extremely-qualified customers naturally to your highly ranked website.
It is important to stay relevant and on top with regular daily actions and management in accordance with up-to-date innovations from professionals.

Develop & Design Landing Pages

Do you have a new product or service that you wish to sell and promote? Interested in collecting leads or creating a webinar but don’t have a website? Landing page’s is the marketing tool for you.

A landing page is a single web page that conveys all the marketing and important information for your target audience. Landing pages can lead to the actual purchase and actionable leads.

We at JO Digital deliver a well thought-out landing page tailored to your needs that have an immense growth impact on your business.

Facebook Marketing

With the right management and marketing strategy we can help you target your audience, boost your engagements, expand your brand, and grow your business. We upgrade your business’s Facebook page, increase exposure and awareness, manage customer response, create collaboration with groups, influencers and relevant professionals.

We do this through the right combination of accurate content, attractive and interesting graphic design, effective and smart management – in the most professional way.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a great channel to grow brand awareness and is highly recommended for businesses.
With professional creative marketing your brand can achieve maximum exposure, optimal presence and grow organically among customers.

We enhance your Instagram page with the right elements at the language and the energy of your business to captivate the attention of potential customers and boost their engagements to action in real time.

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At JO Digital we know you want the best for your business but you are not sure where to start.
You wish to market it, set a well-designed website with effective content that brings success, new customer inquiries, and significant revenue!
Thus, getting to know you is important to us.
Describe what’s important to you, what are your needs and what you wish to accomplish, and together we will achieve those goals.
You can continue to focus on your business while we handle the rest.

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